Judges, Demonstrators, Speakers and Educaction

The Committee produces an Area List of Judges, Demonstrators and Speakers for Clubs​

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JDS&E Committee

Chairman - Jackie Squance

Vice Chairman  - Sue Slark

Treasurer - Sue Slark

Judges Rep. - Jackie Squance

Demonstrators Rep -  Claire Bryant

Education Rep  -  Jane Rickard

Workshop Co-ordinator - Alison Gillott

Ex Officio - Margaret Trepant


Aims of JDS&E Committee

The Judges, Demonstrators, Speakers and Education Committee (JDS&E) is a working sub-committee of Surrey Area, and its purpose is to ensure that there are sufficient numbers of highly trained judges, demonstrators and speakers to fulfil the requirements of the NAFAS flower clubs in Surrey.


The committee fulfils its role by encouraging, and then training and testing proven flower arrangers to become demonstrators - who over time are able to move up from category 'C' to 'A'. Experienced flower arrangers who are successful exhibitors are encouraged to take training and rigorous testing to become judges.


Members of flower clubs who wish to become speakers - who add a different dimension of interest to club meetings - are trained and their talks are appraised.


Please note an amendment to the amount of flower monies paid by Clubs to Demonstrators has been notified by HQ.

"At the recent Committee Meeting of The National Demonstrators the Flower/Materials Allowance was discussed. It is the Committee's recommendation that this increases from £110 to £120 which the Committee considered to be more realistic in the current economic climate.  £120 is a Recommended Amount, it is not mandatory.  

This amount to be stated for future bookings taken from this date. Existing bookings will stay the same unless there has been consultation with the club."

The Committee takes its education role seriously and holds a variety of workshops.